About us

Based in the Welsh borders I deal from home by appointment. Operating online and without the overheads of a gallery I can offer real value on the old, rare and beautiful pieces I source from around the world. Over more than 25 years in the trade I have built up a solid knowledge, understanding and love of the weaving traditions of nomadic tribes, enabling me to specialise in true old tribal pieces of rarity and beauty which are fast disappearing from the open market. I continue to be fascinated by these wonderful works and aim to constantly offer the highest quality of material and a friendly and straight forward service.


I exhibit several times a year in London and San Francisco and have been a regular exhibitor around the world: ACOR (American Conference of Oriental Rugs); ICOC (International Conference of Oriental Rugs, most recently in Stockholm); Hali Fair (London); Sartirana (Italy); KARMA (Kensington Rug Merchants Association, London); LARTA (London Antique Rug and Textile Arts); Arts (San Francisco). I have had several articles published in HALI magazine.


Starting as a repairer at the respected Lannowe Restoration Studio, I had the rare opportunity to handle and work on some of the best examples of early classical pieces and top quality tribal material on the market. Later based in Bath, as a partner in the Haliden rug shop, I became a dealer buying and selling, restoring and conserving for collectors, decorators and dealers. Feel free to contact me if you are looking for any thing in particular.